Thursday, October 30, 2014

Bangladesh after the execution of Mullah Abdul Qadir

Bangladesh after the execution of Mullah Abdul Qadir

A few months ago, I cannot forget the evening of Gulf country’s capital. When I met the former commander of the Al-Badr. He was wearing dark blue track suit. Even though he was 65 years old there was leopard brisk in his speech and twinkle like a hawk in his eyes. Will they hanged your leaders? I ask a question like wise man, who apparently doesn’t have concern with any of the parties. Who is eager to learn the facts.

“Yes why not ALLAH bring this moment of joy soon”. He was looking at my eyes and put his hand on my heart. “You journalists cannot know, who promise with the ALLAH” (Translation: some of them have fulfill and some are waiting for their time) Pledged with themselves. He may be familiar with this joy and pleasure.

Now you are a mainstream party. You have alliance with Khaleda Zia and represented in Parliament as well. You were part of two governments then still! Yes still…….. Hatred is very cruel thing. It lays eggs and baby. All your fault, errors looks like these are because of other, which is the target of hatred.

Today’s Awami League inherited hatred. Now they are politicaly emty handed. They think after again targeted JI they can calm angry peoples. They can gather sympathy of unhappy, angry and despair Bangalees who are far away from them due to their bad performance. These death sentences cannot put them in the situation where they were 20 years before. Bangalees have rejected them.

Abu al-Ashraf, was the name they told me while I know this was not real name of my visitor. “Ashraf Sahib 40 years before your people’s blood for Pakistan but Pakistan could not survive, now after 40 years your peoples are in the prison due this crime. In the crime of first love how your leaders in Bangladesh have arrived near death. Only to clear your first offense. He suddenly sat upright. Who told you we are cleaning.

At that time Pakistan was the center of our defense. Our country is Bangladesh now. We never lost from peoples and mukti bahini. India had occupied our country. This is cruelty of history that there is more country we were fighting for. They put their weapons down with them we were fighting. When it is declare that love to the country is crime?

If someone say it is crime it cannot be. It is not easy to understand the Bengal, the people living in the delta of rivers. They have similar feelings like streams. These streams come out of edges seems to be scream.

When the water lower down its look like there will be no more flood. But after some time same scene repeat. All this is in their instinct. There are lot of sympathizers and voters of the party but supporters of Awami League are much more. They stand with Hasina Wajid.

JI is banned in Bangladesh. Maulana Maududi’s literature, publishing, reading and spreading is prohibited. Politically hatred environment each other name and work is not acceptable. Ordinary peoples also have the dark glasses of biasness.

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