Saturday, November 1, 2014

The world's most poisonous fish

The world's most poisonous fish

Koneo Mirua always use special knives to prepare Fugu. These Knives sharp daily so that they have great cut. Koneo is preparing Fugu for last 60 years but he is still very cautious. This is because a small mistake can cause death to the customer. Fugu is a special dish of japan which prepared from Puffer fish . Do not consider it unusual fish, it is the world’s most poisonous fish. But Japanese enjoy eating this dangerous animal. It is one of the world’s most expensive dish. One plate of Fugu value is $120. Approximately twelve thousand rupees in Pakistani currency amounts.

Interestingly, despite this dish is so much expensive Japanese came to Koneo mora restaurant regularly to eat Fugu after appointment. Koneo license hanging on the wall actually reinforces them. In Japan only licensed cooks can prepare Fogo. Koneo cut live fish and then cook. In restaurant tank 50 to 60 Puffer Fish are swim all the time. When someone place order Koneo take out fish from the tank and begin to cook. Puffer fish’s organs, especially the liver, skin and ovaries have Tetrodotoxin Poison. According to experts, this poison is 200 time more powerful than cyanide poison. This poison produce in Puffer fish when it eats poisonous plants. When Koneo prepared Fugu he first detached his head. Then carefully remove skin, liver and ovaries. Many Japanese eagerly eagerly eat liver. Therefore this organ purified from the poison very carefully.

Tetrodotoxin doesn't destroy during cooking. When a little amount of this poison goes inside of body a man can completely paralyzed. In this situation, the person cannot breathe, so in a few minutes he can died. It is very painful thing that paralyzed man person remain in conscious until his death. Since 2000, 23 people have been killed eating Fugu in japan. However none of them was killed in the restaurant. These were all fishermen. When the cook fish at home, due to inexperience they also eat poison. The death was their destiny.

Small piece of fish is very sufficient for death. Therefore cook prepare Puffer fish consider themselves over the ordinary cooks or consider themselves in elite class. One reason that convince us for this behavior, they learnt to cook Puffer fish with very hard work. Let’s take example of Koneo, at the age of 15 he join as apprenticeship with the chef who cook Puffer fish. The training lasted two years. However when he became adult at the age of 20 he took the test in order to obtain a license (Adult age in Japan is 20 years).

Interesting thing is all trained chef prepared live Puffer fish after cleaning. But some restaurants in Tokyo want to sell prepared fish. Trained chef oppose to this because unlicensed chef can also prepare the fish. This will harm their business. After all they learn to cut Puffer fish after cutting 100 fish. They also pay the price of these fish.


  1. Good one .. but please also share the research on fish available in Pakistani restaurants.