Sunday, November 9, 2014

Allama Muhammad Iqbal’s Philosophy #IqbalDay

Allama Muhammad Iqbal’s Philosophy 

We celebrate a public holiday on Iqbal Day but with every passing year we are getting farther away from the ideology and the philosophy of Iqbal. Lets have a look at the participation of Allama Iqbal in the #Tehreek-e-Pakistan as described by his son Justice Retd Dr.Javed Iqbal.
 Dr. Javed divided #AllamaIqbal’s struggle into four perspectives. The first and the foremost part is the poetry of Iqbal, then his literature and philosophy, third part is the practical struggle in politics and fourth perspective is the concept of ideologically separate state for #Muslims.

 It was after 1857 when Sir Syed Ahmad Khan asked Muslims to stay away from politics and only focus on education as he wanted Muslims to be stronger after being educated as this is the reason why he refused to join Congress but when Muslim League was formed in 1906, Allama was a student of PhD in #Cambridge and he joined British branch of Muslim League and became a member of party. Iqbal came back in his country in 1908 and it was only a year after his arrival when Muslims established the concept of a separate state for muslims. When an All Parties Conference was called in Amritser and Allama Iqbal was invited, he refused to participate and in reply said “I don’t think Hindus and Muslims can ever become a nation together that’s why I believe they should start their struggle as separate nations”.
 In 1930 Allama Iqbal was chosen as the president of Muslim League on the consent of Quaid and after cecoming president he delivered the famous address in Ilah abaad where he once again gave the idea of a separate state for muslims. In 1934 #Quaid-e-Azam returns back and he starts his struggle to make Muslim League as a common man party and he met Iqbal in 1936 in lahore. After Iqbal’s death when the famous Lahore resolution was passed Quaid said “If Allama Iqbal would have been with us today, he would have been so happy as we did exactly what he use to say. He was my friend.”
 In this background we can easily assess how Allama Iqbal took part in the movement of our country. Even though there is possibility of debate on the consequences of the resolution and son of Iqbal is also saying that if Iqbal had seen the current situation of his dream land he would have been upset.
Written By Tariq Iqbal.

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