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Forty Days in Daish Captivity

Forty Days in Daesh Captivity

It was 2011 when Bin Yameen reached Syria. He is working for Turkey’s popular newspaper Millat as journalist. He was there to report Syrian’s civil war. Bin Yameen often came to Syria for preparing his reports.
He went to Syria last time at November 2013. But he did not know death is stalking him. Militants of Daesh had kidnapped him. This organization ISIS also known as the Islamic State of Iraq or Syria.
Bin Yameen was in the imprisonment of Daesh for forty days. Turkish commandos finally come to his aid. They penetrate into Syria around 20 kilometers and freed Turk journalist from the possession of militants. After that Bin Yameen written his forty days imprisonment story. Following is the summary of his story.
This is 15th November event. I reached Syria with the free Syrian army commander. Militants of Daish killed many Turk Syrians in the village. I wanted to compile report on this killing.
I don’t know that there are still Daish militants hiding in the village. So when they got opportunity kidnap me. I was blindfolded.
My hand was tied to the back. After that militants went to different places.
At some place they ask question to me. They were in black mask and dressed in loose clothing. Their behavior was very strict. They ask me, Are you Muslim? You are Sunni or Alvi? Read following phrases for us.
Once I received orders during the investigation, gave us all your user name and password. You have Facebook friendship with women. It is crime. Do you drink alcohol? You are working for which? Tell us their name. What is your actual name?
Every time they ask me the same questions. Even mentally I became very disturbed. I had no idea of time. Those forty days look like forty years for me.
But I did not want to write too much against ISIS. Many people in Turkey have sympathy for this organization. I fear that they may harm me.
Militants force me offer five time prayer. Only that time they strip off from my eyes and open my hands. Militants often told me if you are Muslim then no need to be afraid. But if you turned out to be wrong. We will kill you immediately.
When we passed seventeen days in prison. They separate me and free Syrian army leader Hashim Taqi. When I arrived at new location most of the militants were Turk. I thought now my life would be spared or death will be my fate.
Turk militants came from Turk or Germany. They were wearing a face mask. But they recognize due to their Turk language. They treated me well compare to other militants. I am very thankful to ALLAH that I was not in Abu Ghareeb prison in Iraq, where Americans treat Iraqian inhumanly and with great brutality.
All fighters were young some had studied at university. They fought at day time and at night they engage in divine worship. They often tell me that they have desired to martyr in the battlefield. They wanted to build Khilafat like Khulfai e Rashdeen. Where everyone follow orders of Quran and Sunnat. All people equal before the law and access to justice easily.
They gave me book about Jihad who was written in Turk language. Then they give me gift of Holy Quran. Some fighters want me to go battlefield and fight with Syrian Army. Some of them want me to be a suicide bonber.
I have never heard any fighter sing or whistle. They also never drink and never talk about women. They said that due to collation with America Turk Prime minister Tayyab Urdgaan and other Turkish minister become kafir. That’s why they think they are worthy of death.
25th day I heard that a judge is reviewing my case. Some militants want to kill me. They argues that several Daish peoples are in Turk jail with great pain. They want to avenge killing me. A wave of fear pass through my body.
A few days later an angel like leader reached there. It was cold and dark night. When some people entered my cell. One of them sat next to me and begin to talk.
He said, I know you are going through painful time. Discovered he had spent ten years with Al Qaeda in Afghanistan. He was arrested when Americans invaded. They tortured him during investigation. Later he was released. I realized compare to other fighter he was older. May be he was their leader. I was calling him uncle when he insist. He met with me very gracefully. Loose my hand and offer me a tea.
During conversation he said that Turkish government going away from Islam. They want that all Muslim countries free from the influence of westerns. When he was leaving he urged his people to take care of me. There was positive outcome of these instructions. Fighters taking care of me. One of them gave me banana. Other gave me socks so that my feet stay warm.
But these good days over soon. Third day uncle came and told me judged has ruled against you. Because you are working such newspaper who does not take care of Muslims interests.
I was naturally very upset hearing that punishment because now I was certain to be executed. Uncle told me after seeing my condition “if the decision in my hands, sure I forgive you” you will not die before firing squad. It is matter of shame. I will blot out your throat because you are good Muslim.
Hearing this I felt that blood is freezing in my veins. I listen to him breathtakingly. There was death on both side. It was the only way of escape that I run from thin unknown location.
But I was waiting for death, finally the day was come when my head remove from my throat. Morning afternoon and evening but none of the fighter came into my cell. Even though that young man did not appear who help me in ablution and prayer.
Now I was obsessed with different ideas and questions. They have left me so that I dead with hunger and thirst? Or they were killed during war? Silence in the atmosphere broken by the cat voice. At that it was greatest blessing on earth for me that I put cat in my cradle and shake her.
I remain in hungry and thirsty in the jail up to three days. Militants finally appears. Learned that their rival attack the area. One of the militant ask me do you want to meet your uncle. Yes, I gave the nod.
Fighter took me his room where they were preparing bombs and explosives. I was shocked seeing that uncle was lying there cover with blood. There was bullet mark on his forehead. He was dead.
His death made me more upset. My only friend was no more in the world. Next day militants took me in to new location. I believed that I had last time. But with the help of ALLAH Turk commander reach there and free me. I was very thankful to ALLAH that he save me.

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